I am asking kindly to get paid for monthly income writing free software. I struggle with a chronic fatiguing condition that make me unable to go for full time jobs and I am unable to get out a lot anymore to meet potential customers.

While I am able to do remote work, there's one thing I want to minimize as much as possible in my life: Stress. Being less able to do all the things is already stressful, having had too many phases of existential stress is a huge issue to my mental and physical health.

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If you want to and are able to, you can sponsor me on these platforms:

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Finances from your contributions

Thanks to 0 generous contributors I am currently receiving approximately 0.0€ per month!


100€ will be making a small contribution to my existential stress levels

350€ will be paying for my rent

650€ will be paying for rent and the minimum amount I have to pay my health insurance every month

1400€ will be making me able to put the majority of my time into free software

2000€ will be enabling me to live comfortable and find a better, more suitable place to live in the mid-future